Lauded by Rolling Stone as a singer of “slow-burning (ballads) with a deep, rumbling baritone,” Tim Higgins writes and performs songs that spiral around issues dealing with love, loss, destruction, and history; His are personal songs that often carry broader social implications. Tim Higgins’ songs are rooted in Southern Gothic poetry and are instantly recognizable due to his distinctive style of guitar playing and deep voice.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and coastal Alabama, his Rust Belt meets Southern upbringing is channeled in his straightforward imagery and gravel-throated delivery. In November 2018, Higgins released his first single and music video, “Blight”, the title track to his debut album. The song was included on Rolling Stone's Best New Music list and touted for its ability to evoke the “dark, doomed beauty” of his hometown.

His teenage and college years in Alabama lead to the formation of Bible Study, a collective of songwriters including Higgins, Emily Dozier-Ezell, and Kori Hensell. Their self-described "convoluted folk" genre garnered much attention in West Alabama, including performances at the Kentuck Folk Art Museum and the historic Bama Theatre. In 2014, Bible Study released their first record, Guilt Trip, recorded at WouldYou Studios in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, under the direction of England in 1819's Andrew Callaway.

Recently, Higgins was invited to showcase his unique voice at NPR Music critic Ann Powers' release show for her latest book, "Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music." Over the past few years, he has toured extensively throughout the US, and has performed with critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Amy Rigby, Seattle indie darling Shelby Earl, and Americana favorite Sera Cahoone. 

Higgins currently splits his time between Nashville, Tennessee, and Greensboro, Alabama, where he is completing his first solo album, BLIGHT, a collection of new songs dealing with the ideas of blight, destruction, history, and responsibility, with producer Parker McAnnally (Single Lock Records, The Prescriptions), to be released in 2019.

On 11.9.18, Higgins released his first single and music video (see below) for Blight. The critically acclaimed song was included on Rolling Stone’s Best New Music list in the Country/Americana genre.